A Different Life tells a story of Transformation and Rebirth through the personal story of three Western women living in the tropical forests of Costa Rica.
Set in a global village in Costa Rica the film tells their stories of striving, each along her own path, to achieve a new beginning. The film follows their arcs of transformation and in so doing explores a village living by codes of silence and self-enquiry, adopting indigenous traditions in the midst of a tropical forest on the shores of the Pacific.



The film

Running time: 90 minutes
Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English

A Different Life is the debut feature documentary by Israeli director Shahaf Peled. Following three women through their deliberate personal transformational journeys, the film is a fresh breeze from hectic modern-day life, with touching cinematography and music. Poetically told, the story offers a different perspective on life and how we choose to live.

A Different Life is an independent creative documentary for cinema, shot in Costa Rica and post-produced in Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, and Poland. The director is from Israel and the producer is Swiss-Australian. It is a truly international production that should find resonance across cultural divides. The film addresses the existential discomfort felt in modern society due to the overdose of information, technology, commercialization, and materialism. The purpose of the film is not to show or dictate how to live, but to examine and reveal the possibility of a change. A Different Life is a journey into a different reality, a different way of living, when it’s actually a mirror reflection on our life.